Voice-over Services in Any Language

Voice-over Services in Any Language

Language is key in unlocking opportunities.

The challenges of international marketing success often begin with language. Or should that be lack of a particular language.

Even speakers of English might encounter some language barriers when trying to decipher the way The Scots or Welsh treat the “Queens English”. As for the Americans, well, we have all heard it said that “the England and USA are two nations separated by a common language”.

In the communications business, particularly online and in your advertising activities, you have to be careful with everything you say and exactly how you say anything.

If your audience is Chinese mainland-based then you will be preparing your marketing material in Mandarin. That’s fine for written material. However in oral communications, you have allow for regional variations.

In some regions, a dialect of Chinese may be dominate in day to day conversation. For example in Hong Kong it’s Cantonese. In Taipei they use a variation of Hokkien. Throughout the nation whenever Mandarin is spoken it will feature a local vernacular.

From Auckland to Aberdeen, from Sydney to Shanghai when you plan a foray into foreign markets you need to be prepared with Voice-over Services in Any Language.

How’s your Finnish? Or any of those “Scandihooligan” languages. How do you rate in the popular variations of “Sami”? While you might not be planning to go that far north how easily we forget the rest of the world doesn’t talk the way we do.

To get the best audio material needed to get a foothold in any market call on the business audio specialists Media Group NZ.

It might be a new venture in regional New Zealand or an overseas launch into the bourgeoning markets of South America. Get ready with your Spanish and Portuguese. What are you saying you lack those particular languages? No problem.


Start with accurate translations

The script writers and voice over artists from Media Group are native speakers of the languages they translate and record.

As translators, they are up to speed with the local trends and the latest glossary of terms. Media Group NZ supply Voice-over Services in Any Language.

You can be 100% sure your audio will be crafted to perfection. 


Ask for a free online quote

If you have a script for translating or need a script written and translated into any modern language Media Group NZ will take of everything. Let’s start with costs.

You’re not going to go anywhere if you can’t budget the costs, so let’s solve that straight away. On the Media Group NZ home page click on the button at the top of the page that reads “free online quote”.

Follow the prompts and fill in the details on language required, length of the script and intended use and we’ll work out the cost. We’ll recommend a voice for the job and send you a quote ASAP.

To get started head to www.mediagroup.co.nz

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