Voice Message On Hold

Voice Message On Hold

On Hold off target

It’s a pretty fair bet that if you ran around Auckland or Wellington with a questionnaire soliciting peoples’ reactions to being placed “on hold” a good many answers would come back in the negative.

Mostly people are reacting to what they have experienced in the past. In terms of phone On Hold programs the past has been pretty lamentable.

In many cases where a simple Voice Message On Hold would have been sufficient to keep the caller on the line, the penny pinching choices of “deadly silence” or “computer chimes” have proven most effective in chasing callers away.

Can you blame people for not staying on the line? No! But blame should be levelled at the people responsible for deploying such garbage and parading it as a viable alternative to a Voice Message On Hold.


Keeping callers where you want them

The role of an On Hold program is to help reduce the number of people who may have otherwise hung-up and gone over to a competitor.

The careful scripting and compilation of an On Hold Program of Music and Messages will ensure the best results for keeping callers interested and staying on the line.

Media Group NZ the business audio specialists, understand the functions and complexities of creating unique telephone On Hold programs that work.

If developing a script for your on hold messages seems like a hill too far, then the scriptwriting team at Media Group NZ is ready to fire-up on your behalf.  All you need to do is provide a brief outline of what you want to say and the writers will come back to you with a script ready for you to approve.

Next it’s on to the voice! Knowing how critical it is to have the right voice representing your company, Media Group NZ invite you to select a professional male or female voice talent from their line-up.


No rockets involved

This is not rocket science people. You simply want the most effective On Hold program of music and messages for your organisation.

 The way to get what you seek is just as simple. Head to www.mediagroup.co.nz

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