Translation Services for Audio

Translation Services for Audio

Speaking to the world  

Whether you are operating on a global scale or marketing to specific segments within multicultural Australia there are times you need Translation Services for Audio.

Perhaps you have existing Advertising & Promotions material that needs to be translated from another language into English. 

Or you may be in the process of creating new marketing and advertising in English but will require the audio to be recorded in a language other than English.

Face it, you will be wasting the A&P budget if your audience doesn’t comprehend the words being spoken. However, not all direct word to word translations will be fit for the purpose.

There are some blatant examples of translations with a “failure to communicate”. In Taiwan, the slogan “Coke Adds Life” was originally translated as “Coke brings your ancestors back from the grave”.

Your translator needs to be aware of local vernacular especially with the phraseology common on TV and Radio. The translation is not going to communicate if it sounds stiff and formal. Audiences all over the world are accustomed to less stringent use of vocabulary and grammatical structure in ads.


Choose wisely

You could easily fall into the trap of basing your decision purely on cost. But as we all know in life, cheap is usually not the way to go.

All Translation Services for Audio are not created equal. It’s important to establish that the translator you engage in is experienced in both the language you require and modern audio production techniques.

Media Group, the business audio specialists, have the jump on the competition because they not only provide the translation but also the voice over artists who will feature on the recording.

Many of the voice over professionals from Media Group are native speakers of a language other than English.

Media Group own and operate their own state of the art digital studios. This means the turn-around time is fast and the recordings you receive will be of the highest audio quality.

When you have a script that needs to be translated and recorded in English or any modern language there’s only one destination.

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