Telephone Hold Message

Telephone Hold Message

When size is irrelevant

The phone rings. The caller at the other end of the phone line has to rely on ears and imagination to garner a picture of what’s occurring at your end!

If it’s a normal telephone call, not on Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp etc., the only clue they have is what they hear coming down the line.

This is always the case especially if everybody is busy and the call gets put on hold.

If the call comes from a potential new customer they’ll be quick to form an opinion of the operation they have contacted. Yet they should not be able to ascertain if they have called a one-man operation or part of a wealthy, multi-national conglomerate?

However, the answer could be very obvious from the wording, the voice over and the music used in your first Telephone Hold Message.


Avoiding amateur hour

One of the initial indicators a company provides of their attitude to customers will be the way they come across in pre-recorded messages on the phone. 

If the recording sounds “crook” you should be instantly on guard. Ask yourself does this sound like the sort of organisation with whom I want to do business?

If that sort of a reaction scares you into thinking “I hope callers don’t feel like that when they hear our first Telephone Hold Message”. Time to get serious.

With a little help from Media Group NZ, the business audio specialists, you can have a program of superior on hold messages. All for a surprisingly low outlay.

The messages will be perfectly recorded using professional male or female voice talent and mixed with appropriate music.

You’ll get to choose the voice. You can start right now by listening to the samples online at the Media Group NZ website.

You can also choose the music track from the wide selection of music styles available in the Media Group NZ library of Royalty Free Music.


Click or tap your way to success

When you accept the importance of presenting your best “face” on the phone you’ll see the wisdom (profit?) of creating the best first impression.

It’s easy with a high quality, involving program of On Hold Messages and Music created at Media Group NZ.

Make a small move with big results. Head to

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