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Radio Production

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Advertisers spend money to make money. At first glance that statement might seem like a “no brainer”. So why does it take so much time and so many brainy people to get an advertising campaign up and running?

Well it depends on the media chosen. With TV ads, a few clouds can ruin the location shoot or a scantily clad model might upset the censor.  

In print we all know Art Directors take forever to choose typefaces or position the brand’s logo. While copywriters are notorious for missing deadlines.   

One theory states most time is lost waiting for the Ad Agency’s TV department to get back from lunch.

Fortunately with Radio Production you can avoid these pitfalls.


Welcome the nay-sayers

No one listens to radio. You’ll hear this fallacy from self-appointed experts. People are mostly online they profess. The rest are streaming Netflix or watching talent quests and cook-offs on so called “reality” television.

It’s not a new argument!! Since the advent of free-to-air television we’ve heard predictions of the death of commercial radio. They were wrong then and the nay-sayers and ne’er do wells are still wrong today.

Its 55 years since Maddison Avenue’s legendary adman Stan Freberg was commissioned to create a campaign to educate radio’s critics. His arguments are just as real today and well worth tuning into.

Get enlightened. Head to


Radio your way

When you are ready to get the “theatre of the mind” working for your product or service call on the business audio specialists at Media Group NZ.

You’ll benefit from the company’s years of experience in Radio Production.

All Media Group NZ require is a brief and everything will be done for you. The writing, the music, sound effects and recording session. Plus, most importantly, the voice or voices to use.

Media Group NZ provide a tremendous selection of professional voice talent. Male and female voices representing all age groups and nationalities.

You can audition the talent online by listening to actual sample recordings. When you’ve narrowed the choice to one or two voices you can request a free online quote.

The selected talent may even supply a “free demo” by reading a short segment from your actual script. It’s the perfect way to ensure you have chosen the best voice for the job.

Find out more about harnessing the power of radio here at

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