Professional Audio Recordings

Professional Audio Recordings

A word in your ear

It’s strange how certain words and phrases mean less over time. Like any currency, words also have an element of depreciation to consider.

I’m not trying to equate a Maori eastern or western dialect or an English vernacular down to the level of filthy lucre, however money and words both suffer similar fates.

A great number of words come into vogue each season. They are cyclical. They blossom and quickly slide back into lexicon oblivion. All this for no reason any more valid than fleeting popularity.

Other words and phrases become so over used their impact is as watered down as the communion wine at the local church.


Everyone’s a pro

There was a time when the title “professional” earned a certain confidence and respect. However due to overindulgence it too has gone the way of “Sale”, “Discount” and the mother of all untruths, “Ends Soon”.

So when a discussion begins about Professional Audio Recordings my first question might be “professional what? People, attitude, equipment, experience, software?

It seems that today everyone’s a pro!

Just like “fake news”, the world is awash with experts. But as always remember, an expert is merely a drip under pressure.


Power-up those promos

There is no doubting the dynamic impact Professional Audio Recordings can add to your next project.

You might be planning to revise the sound on your website or getting your telephone messages working harder with your marketing strategy.

Maybe you’re choosing a voice for the new radio commercial. Perhaps you’re embarking on a multi-media campaign.

At Media Group NZ, the business audio specialists, you can head straight to the front of the line…online.


Don’t look for a park

Never leave the desk. Start auditioning professional voice over artists from Media Group by listening to samples online. Then organise a quote online.

You may even line-up a “demo read”. That’s where if you have chosen a possible voice we will have that talent record a segment from your script.

When the “demo” is ready you can replay it online. We’ll send you the link. It’s a great way to know you have definitely chosen the right voice for the job.

In addition to the ease of auditioning voice talent online you can also audition suitable music tracks in the extensive libraries of Royalty Free Music from Media Group NZ

Get the pro’s on your side.  

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