On Hold Messaging Pricing

On Hold Messaging Pricing


A well-scripted and fluently delivered on-hold message can go a long way in providing your business with a plethora of happy callers and also enhances your brand image.

Read on as we tell you about the benefits of such messages and on hold messaging pricing. 

What are the benefits of On-Hold Message? 

Benefits of having on-hold messages:

  • Such messages help in enhancing your business image.
  • You can inform your callers about your newly launched offers and discounts.
  • On-hold messages give you a great opportunity for sales.
  • Let your customers know about any latest development in your organization.

There are many more benefits of on-hold messages that will surely compel you to incorporate such messages in your call to keep your callers engaged.

Pricing of On-Hold Messages: 

Now let’s discuss the pricing of such messages. Custom on-hold message prices are usually based on how often you would like to update your messages. This can be on a half-yearly or a yearly basis. So, the big question arises how often should you update your on-hold messages?

Well, you can go for a couple of productions per year that will be good for your business. It will be especially helpful if your business is in its nascent stages. Later on, you can go with a proactive marketing approach on a quarterly or monthly basis.

On hold messaging pricing depends on your target audience and the repeat callers that you get. 

One Message will not go every time:

If you frequently have to share information about your products or services with your customers then the one-size-fits-all philosophy will do no good to you. You need to have different messages for varied occasions. Say for example you want to change your on-hold message for different seasons or on special occasions or festivals, you need to have a different script every time and also a different tone of voice, etc. 

Connect With Our Experts:

You can connect with our experts and choose the best on-hold message plan that best suits your business needs. They will tell you everything about on hold messaging pricing and also help you pick the best plan.

Final Thoughts!

Needless to say, on-hold phone messages will make a great impression whenever your customers will call. We give you top-quality messages that are also affordable. Our on hold messaging pricing will not burn a hole in your pocket. 

Plus, we give you professionally scripted messages with licensed music, top-quality voice talent, dedicated customer service, etc. Whatever system you have, we give you the excellent solution and the best sound quality for your on-hold messages.

Get in touch with us and get the best quote now. 

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