On Hold Message Scripts

On Hold Message Scripts

Another call bites the dust

The telephone rings. What happens next? The little beast might keep ringing and ringing because everybody in the office is occupied. Silence is only restored when the caller hangs up.

That’s the sound of losing a potential customer or worse, disappointing an existing client. It’s a big problem with an easy fix. An effective telephone On Hold program.

Effective doesn’t mean making callers sick by force-feeding them computer generated “bing bong” chimes. Or pretending they don’t exist by greeting the call with deadly silence.

To achieve the basic goal of an On Hold program i.e.; keeping callers on the line, you must begin with the wording. You need someone to create your On Hold Message Scripts.


Avoiding phone fiascos

It’s not as simple as dashing off a few lines and getting them recorded by that guy from sales with the nice voice. That’s a formula for a total SNAFU.

Or you could rely on the lazy-man’s approach to On Hold. That’s where you hear nothing but an aloof voice saying those cliché lines “Your call is important…” and you know the rest.

You might as well hang-up the phone yourself!! Because that sort of rubbish is not going to work. Unless of course you happen to be a Government department.

Then callers accept they are likely to spend an eternity on hold listening to boring classics recorded by some obscure orchestra from middle Europe.

Like any great construction, building your telephone audio begins with the right foundation. In this case the On Hold Message Scripts.

The team of writers at Media Group NZ have the experience and ability to provide you with an On Hold program to give you the edge over your competitors.


Too too easy

To get things underway you only need to provide an online brief and leave everything else to Media Group NZ.

Your next task is to approve the wording then choose the voice(s) and the music track. Or you can ask the experts in the recording session to make those choices.

One-click or screen tap and the jobs are almost done. Stop procrastinating and get the on hold program your business deserves. Do it now www.mediagroup.co.nz

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