In-store Messaging

In-store Messaging

Captivating the captives

As most retailers will tell you, the problem is not getting people into the store, but convincing them to buy something once they are inside.

I remember in my days selling men’s and women’s fashion apparel the boss told me “the customer wouldn’t have stepped into the shop if they didn’t plan on buying.”

The logic seemed reasonable. However the reasoning still left me in a quandary of what to do to generate the sale. More important than what action I should take was the urgent need to know what to say to achieve that till-ringing joy.

Sometimes it would just take a word or couple of words to get the sale process underway. Simple? Yes? After all you will be talking to a captive audience.

If like me you sometimes have trouble initiating the conversation, then you’ll be first in line to congratulate the person who arranged to get In-store Messaging playing on the shop’s speakers.


Unzip the purse strings

It’s hard to imagine walking into any shop these days where there is no music playing. You can just imagine the cold emptiness such silence generates.

Fortunately the retail industry has long since discovered the power of music. However, despite the “good vibe” generated by the background music, the push to make the sale often requires more direction.

This is where In-store Messaging comes to the fore. The customer could be in the store, enjoying the ambience and maybe bopping along with the track. But the wallet is still unopened. The zipper on the purse is frozen shut. 

Just then, out of the music comes a targeted sales message. It’s a short, well written message spoken by a professional voiceover artist.

It might be reminder of the new stock arrivals, or a pointer to the sales-rack full of bargains. Maybe you just want to extend Season’s Greetings and use the message to communicate a change to your opening hours.

This is the sort of relationship building you can aim for and Media Group NZ are the people to put you in the driver’s seat.

You can find out how to move into top gear here at

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