How to Make a Great Documentary Narration

How to Make a Great Documentary Narration

Horses for courses, comes as sage advice from the racing fraternity. You may also know about not putting a square peg in a round hole. More sound strategy to adopt in life and probably beneficial to both the confused peg and rejected hole.

The same advice holds true when the topic changes to that of choosing talent for Documentary Voiceover & Narration.

Too often we hear a voice that is totally mismatched to the picture. A definite square peg in round aperture situation.

This all too often scenario is well past the basic query of how the dickens did it happen? How did that voice get put with that picture? It’s one of life’s mysteries that the inimitable Sir David might find impossible to explain even using the most startled of his distinctively, airy tones.

It could be that the producer has promised all Documentary Voiceover & Narration work to his first cousin. His mother says her Leon has a really nice speaking voice. Or maybe everybody in the audio department is wearing cloth ears. 

In this digital age of at-hand information and instant communications the task of auditioning and selecting voice over artists has never been more simple.

At Media Group, the business audio specialists, you make your voice talent choice from literally hundreds of professionals. Go online where you’ll be able to listen to samples of actual recordings performed by the various voice artists.

Click and listen. Try another. Click and listen. Too easy. You can zero-in on the exact type of voice you seek at the media Group website. The samples are all classified by gender, age group, style and accent (nationality).

When you think you have heard the voice that’s right for the job hit the button marked “free online quote”. Media Group will respond by email with your quote and you can also confirm the talent’s availability to meet your deadline.

To be absolutely sure of your voice choice, you may request a “demo read” - a recording of the talent reading a short extract from your script.  You will be receive a link to go online and listen the demo and share it with colleagues. Too easy! 

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