How Audio Advertising Fits into Your Marketing Mix Strategy

How Audio Advertising Fits into Your Marketing Mix Strategy

Ear ear a fair go for audio

Too often the audio component of a company’s A&P material is treated like the poor relative at Thanksgiving dinner. Seated way down the end of the table or shunted onto the kid’s table and fed whatever is left after serving the immediate family.

When a company allocates only the left over portion of the budget to any audio production shortcomings soon become apparent.

To achieve maximum return from you’re budget it is essential to know How Audio Advertising Fits into Your Marketing Mix Strategy.

Getting your message across to customers is fundamental. But the message must be delivered in a manner that fits with the company’s desired image.


Speak with one voice

After you have hired a voice over artist to record the audio component of the TV campaign the same voice can become part of your other communications.

If the same voice is heard in your radio ads people will automatically replay the imagery of your TV commercial in their minds.

It’s sort of “radio with pictures” however at a bargain price. You’re only paying the cost of a radio spot and getting all the impact of an expensive TV commercial.

Taking the single voice idea further, you can hire the same voice over talent to record your business telephone audio. Callers will hear the familiar tones on the Welcome Greeting, the After Hours Message and any telephone On Hold messages.

When you maximise the spread of the voice talent, the cumulative effect will positively impact on your customers. The same is true for any jingle or theme music you have chosen.

This is part of How Audio Advertising Fits into Your Marketing Mix Strategy.


From broadcast media to on line

The soundtrack on your company video productions and the website are further opportunities to provide customers with familiar audio by utilising the same voice and music components.

The most challenging part of this disciplined audio approach is deciding on the best voice artist to hire to present your business with the “image” you wish to project.

However with Media Group NZ in your corner that dilemma will soon be solved. You can choose the most suitable talent from hundreds of professional male and female voice artists available.

You can listen to actual samples of their work on line. For time saving convenience all the voices are categorised by gender, age group, style and country.

When you narrow the choice to one or two you can get a free online quote. In some cases and you can also request a “free demo”.

Media Group will have the voice talent you plan to hire record an extract from your script. You and your colleagues will be able to hear the recording on line.

Find out more about maximising your audio advertising at

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