Freelance Voice Actors

Freelance Voice Actors

Mystery voices

They seek ‘em here. They seek ‘em there. They’re seeking Freelance Voice Actors everywhere. (Apologies to Baroness Orczy author of the Scarlet Pimpernel).

The parody is a little unfair when you consider these days the word “pimpernel” is often used to describe an individual who is daring, mysterious, or evasive.

However, hiring a freelancer can be fraught with obstacles and a certain amount of risk so there are elements of truth in the comparison.

Even if you have a phone number and Facebook page, things can get a little “iffy”. It prompts the question, why buy one book when you can use a library?

For that reason alone, and there are more, when you’re looking for the right voice for your next project, you want certainty the talent is available, affordable, and reliable.

It’s tantamount to waiting for an Uber driver to show up when you only want to travel a few city blocks to a club. If it’s a busy night you know you’ll get dumped for the couple waiting to go to the airport or the guy planning to travel halfway across town.

Too easy

Give yourself a break. Forget the heartache of last-minute cancellations. Or worse, the old “no show” routine.

When you need professional voice over artists instead of chasing down Freelance Voice Actors call Media Group NZ, the business audio specialists.

You can audition their vast array of professional voice talent by listening to online samples. You’ll save time and some anxiety by choosing the voice you want from well-defined categories covering gender, age group, nationality, and style.

You’ll also get a free online quote with advice on the availability of the talent to meet a production schedule. It’s as simple and convenient as a mouse click or screen tap.

Free demo read

If the costings and timing all work out and you are planning to record scripts of a minimum of 60 seconds in length you may even request a free demo.

Media Group NZ will arrange for your preferred voice to record a short extract from your script. Then you’ll be sent a link to go online and listen to the recording.

The demo is a free offer. How good is that? You can play it over and over. Share it with the client or colleagues and know you’ve identified the right voice.

No mystery here.

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