Female Voice Samples

Female Voice Samples

Sexes and voices

The eternal debate over whether to use a male or female voice in your communications and advertising is a global dilemma.

Despite the plethora of research into the subject nobody can really give you a definitive answer because too often the choice comes down to personal preference. Even the industry experts are still in decision limbo.

To quote the marketing brains at America’s ESB Advertising “the voice does have an overall influence on a prospect’s purchase decision, whether they realize it or not. People react subconsciously to a voice, often changing their mind on certain products based on sex.”

The thinking is a little more definitive in the radio industry where male voices are more prevalent. This is due to “the belief that male voices sound more convincing”.

In an article published by Researchgate, we are told “the supremacy of the male voice over the female voice in radio advertising and the repeated association between voices and types of products is more based on tradition than on alleged advertising effectiveness”.

Again from this summary, we can see indecision still reigns. Here the culprit is not a personal preference but traditional practices.

Interestingly I note, the three authors credited with this research are in fact all female! I have no doubt there would be even more debate over the validity of the decision process given a potential bias from the girls.

So where does all this leave you when it comes to deciding which voice over talent is right for your next audio assignment.

You could take the easy road and make your decision purely based on the product or service being advertised.

 Male voices will usually be chosen when selling products aimed at them and female voices will be preferred in marketing communications targeting women.

If you are going to employ a female you need to hear a range of Female Voice Samples to help with making the best decision.

At Media Group NZ you can carry out your auditions online. It couldn’t be easier.

You’ll find all the Female Voice Samples are classified by age group and style of delivery. So all you have to do is click or tap your way through the recorded samples to find the right voice.

Of course the same applies to choosing a male voice talent from the tremendous array of talent available. Check ‘em out. www.mediagroup.co.nz

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