e-Learning Voiceovers & Training Video Voiceover

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e-Learning Voiceovers & Training Video Voiceover

Teacher heal thyself

Nothing physically wrong, just a penchant for acting and an inkling to record themselves in places where there is a need to use professional voice actors.

The most effective way to undermine the overall impression of any video production is to marry it with an inferior sound track. This usually starts with a DIY amateur voice. Often poorly recorded and badly balanced with crook music and distracting sound effects.

To avoid a drop in overall production quality, all e-Learning Voiceovers & Training Video Voiceover tracks should to be the work of the professional voice artists.


The expert touch

Getting an audience involved with a video presentation is challenging at the best of times. However, even the best imagery will be wasted and the message lost if viewers have to overcome the distraction of third-rate audio.

Teaming up with the experts at Media Group will negate that risk. There’ll be no valid excuse for not having all e-Learning Voiceovers & Training Video Voiceover recording done under ideal recording conditions in state of the art digital studios.

Professional voice artists by the score are available to record your scripts. Haven’t got a script? The writing team at Media Group will draft a script according to your brief and send it for your final approval.

When it comes to selecting the right voice simply click on the heading “Samples” at the top of the Media Group home page. Scroll down to “Voice Artists”.


A veritable plethora of voices

The choice is extremely wide so you’re sure to be able to find a great voice to suit your project.

To aid your search all the voice artists’ samples have been categorised by gender, age group, style and nationality.

You’ll be listening to samples recorded by the artists for radio, TV and cinema ads, documentaries, company videos and more. Brief descriptions of the individual voices will further guide you. A voice may be described as “Strong, deep and authoritative” or “Bright bubbly retail”.

When you click on a voice you like and want to know if you can afford that particular artist, go ahead and click the button labelled “free online quote”.

If you’re still unsure of the voice, ask Media Group to arrange a free demo recording. You preferred voice talent will record a short extract from your script.

Say farewell amateur-ville. Your project deserves a pro voice over, the best Royalty Free music and top quality production values.

Click on www.mediagroup.co.nz 

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