Commercial Audio Solutions

Commercial Audio Solutions

Being sound aware in business

How a business “sounds” projects an image to customers that ultimately impact the bottom line.

People’s perception of the nature of any business will be affected by the audio they hear broadcast on radio and TV commercials.

The business’ persona will be further reinforced at point of sale by the in-store music program or the lack of any attempt to create an inviting atmosphere.

The firm’s telephone program is another area clients use to form a mental picture of the way the business operates. When the phone is answered callers should hear a welcome greeting spoken by a professional voice artist.

There’s only one thing worse than having no After Hours Message and that’s having a poorly written, badly recorded amateur speaking on the message.  

The messages callers hear when placed On Hold are there to reduce the number of “hang-ups”. They should be informed about new products and services as well as distracting attention from the time elapsed while waiting on the phone line.

On line, the sound of the company website should be consistent with the desired image. The same applies to the soundtrack on any company video productions.

Every business needs to be seen and heard in the best way. Nobody puts the company vehicles on the road with dirt and dints and flaked paint. To sound the best you need professionals to provide Commercial Audio Solutions.


Sound the best you can always

At Media Group NZ we have the people and the technology to give any business a full sound make-over.

Our copywriters will draft the scripts needed for any telephone greetings or On-Hold messages and send them back for your approval.

Then from our stable of experienced professional male and female voice over artists available for hire, you’ll be able to hiret the voice you think best suits the business.

On top of that, you will be able to choose the music to accompany the messages. Or if you prefer the specialists at Media Group will suggest some appropriate tracks.

The music used is Royalty Free Music so the business is not liable to pay any annual fees to collection agencies as required under New Zealand law. 


Maintain the same professional tone

To help maintain the company image across all mediums the voice over artist or artists may be hired to provide the voice on all Commercial Audio Solutions.

This will create a cumulative effect to reinforce the company’s desired image. 

Seize the moment. Begin building an audio platform to help stand out from the also-rans. To find out more head to

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