What is voiceover?

What is voiceover?

Why do people use voiceover?

Do you hear any voices that don't belong to anyone else? In that case, how about when you're watching a TV show, a movie, or a commercial. Have you thought about what you're hearing? It's called a voiceover. They show up in all kinds of media, from your TV to your phone when you're on hold. They can be fun or educational. In other words, what is voiceover, where have you heard it, and what does it mean today?

Voice Over: What Is It?

It's often problematic for people to answer "What is voiceover?" because they come up with examples instead of definitions. That's why we have given you both a description and examples of the term so that you can fully understand it. Before we look at the different models, let's talk about voiceover and its characteristics.

What is Voice Over mean?

Voice over is a way to make a movie or TV show. A voice is recorded and used off-screen. It's not just movies, and TV shows that voiceover can be used for, but it can also be used for telephone and other informational services.

What are some of the things that make voiceover?

Narration in a movie or TV show is used a lot during the show or movie.

An off-screen voice tells the audience about important facts or opinions in fiction and non-fiction movies and TV shows.

An informative voice and directive in commercials and on the phone are essential.

A written piece of copy that is read in a certain way.

An early voiceover

Around the time of the radio, voiceover work started. This means it started more than 100 years ago. VO was mainly used to report on things like the weather in the past. However, this also tells us that the radio, which was the primary source of home entertainment for many years, was where VO thrived.

Even when movies could have sound, people would see VO mostly in animation. There were many voiceover examples, like Steamboat Willy, one of the first animated shorts to have any VO.

Mel Blanc was one of the first and best voice actors. Soon Warner Bros would make their animation with his voice. The video below gives a good overview of the different characters he has voiced over the years.


The internet has kept growing the role of voiceovers and the people who make them. There are now groups for voice actors who do many different things for a lot of other businesses and industries. They have their pages on websites with many voiceover examples for businesses and companies most of the time.

Some actors work primarily in animation, but many do voice work for videos and audio-only projects. It's become a place where people can work from home and give their voice without going to a studio.

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