The Beginner’s Guide To Voice Acting In 2021

The Beginner’s Guide To Voice Acting In 2021

Selling your voice

So you have decided to enter the voice over business. Good for you. It might be time you sought out something like The Beginner’s Guide To Voice Acting In 2021.

As far as I know that title has yet to be published. But don’t be deterred, there is an endless stream of advice available online from untold “experts” in the field. However be aware my definition of an expert is “a drip under pressure”!


Starting out

For years you might have been told “with your voice you should be on radio.”  If it was possible to consult “The Beginner’s Guide To Voice Acting In 2021” chapter one would tell you the quality of your speaking voice is not going to determine your success in the business of voice acting.

The key word here is “business”. Your success or failure as a voice over will be the result of your business prowess as much as your vocal qualities or your ability to read difficult placenames.


The pathway to success

As with any business you should follow the advice of one of the world’s greatest salespeople. Red Motley of Parade Magazine.

To paraphrase Red’s famous 15 word sales lesson

-       Make a demo 

-       See a lot of people

-       Ask all to buy

-       Use common sense

 Your “demo” is the compilation recording of the best voice overs you have done. If you have yet to do a “real job” compile a sample or you reading a variety of scripts.

Then sort out a prospect list of people to contact and or send you demo reel.


Cast a broad net

Don’t just rely on your website. Talk to recording studios, video production houses, Ad agencies, audio book producers and let them know you are available now.

Above all do things logically and with a professional attitude. You want to break into this secret club of the voice over world. Don’t burn bridges or crap in the nest.

If you are planning to market your voice acting ability around the world you should put Media Group on top of the list.

As business audio specialists Media Group work with professional male and female voice actors of all ages and all nationalities.

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