Royalty Free Music For Videos

Royalty Free Music For Videos

A law to end all laws

This is just one comment, not a tirade on the over imposition of new laws. No complaints about the old laws, but you have to admit there were plenty of them going around.

This comment is only on the new and mostly intrusive laws. If for one moment they could be proven to be effective I would back them.

Like speed traps. It’s been proven they don’t lower the road toll. They are simply cash snares.

However there are no complaints with sensible, non-intrusive laws. Especially the laws that bust the hell out of idiots using hand phones while driving.

Aside from protecting people laws give us a set of guidelines to keep society intact and operating efficiently. Laws also protect property. Not just cars and estates. But as technology advances more and more intellectual property needs protecting.


Get in on the picture

Next time you set out to make a new video consider the soundtrack. If you’re planning on a music score underpinning your masterpiece then you could be up for some copyright cost shock.

This is especially true if you’re planning to use a few songs from the charts!

Original music has more protection under copyright laws than laws protecting an impeached President. Sure you can apply to the copyright owners to get the written permission to use a piece of music. For a sum of money, they might agree.

Or you can make a budget saving move and use Royalty Free Music For Videos.


All the tunes all the time

This is not an invitation to break any laws. In fact this is the opposite. Here is the perfect balance between having your cake and not over spending on the catering. Here’s a chance to wade into the huge selection of Royalty Free music available through Media Group NZ

If you like listening to music you’ll find it an easy task trying to decide on the actual tracks to use when you’re Choosing Royalty Free Music For Videos.

There are tracks from every genre of music. Well almost every genre, as there are no examples of “Mongolian Throat Singing”! But all the rest are there; rock, folk, country, classical, jazz, funk, disco, your cup will be awash.


Hear no excuses

There’s no doubt that the right piece of music can really lift a video. Not just for in a scene, but when used as a recurring theme.

With the audio expertise of Media Group NZ in the corner, your next video production could be up there with a Cecil B. DeMille? Well perhaps his sister May B. 

 Get in tune with the music for your video at

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