Radio and Audio Imaging Services

Radio and Audio Imaging Services

Sounding out from the mundane

It may be the pop star with the oversized sunnies covered in shimmering sparkles. Or it could be the footballer wearing odd socks when trying-out for the top team. Both have one objective in mind. They are striving to get noticed.

Sir David Attenborough would probably wax lyrically about nature’s specialist attention grabbers. The colourful fantail on the male Pheasant or the seemingly impossible plumage of Birds of Paradise.

Building a bigger nest is how the Bower Bird makes his appeal to all around while the larrikin Lyre Bird impresses with memorable mimicry

In the world of radio, whether in broadcasting or streaming, building awareness and notoriety to stand-out from the competition depends on presenting a unique “persona” and consistent positioning.

To help achieve and maintain these attributes we need to call on specialist Radio and Audio Imaging Services.


Sorting sheep from goats

You can run always with the flock. It’s low-risk and comfortable. Every now and then you’ll find yourself near the head of the mob. This is directionless and accidental. This is a success by serendipity.   

To break away from the also-rans and set your station above the rest you have to carve out a distinct personality. You have to embark on a blatant appeal aimed relentlessly at your primary demographic.


Call in the big guns

Having made the commitment to re-vamping how your station comes across to the listener, the next step is to call on the proven Radio and Audio Imaging Services of Media Group the business audio specialists.

Their vastly experienced writers and producers can revamp your current Station ID. Or work with you to develop a striking new ID.

Media Group resources provide access to extensive libraries of Sound Effects and Royalty Free Music plus an endless choice of professional male and female voice over talent from all age groups.

Working from the Media Group office and studio complex in New Zealand and Australia, Media Group will develop a plethora of scintillating sweepers and involving intros.

You’ll receive positive inputs on promotional ideas and be tempted with excitement building themes and exotic packages.

Everything to establish and maintain the station’s image while building audiences and station loyalties.

Get the Imaging action underway now. Go

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