Professional Voice Over Services

Professional Voice Over Services

What’s in a word?

I’m always intrigued by the way words and letters of the English language undergo continuous change in usage and meaning. Now I assume you might expect me to draw up a list to demonstrate these alterations.

Well I don’t want to disappoint, but the list would probably run the length of the page and beyond and still not include your favourite. However I will cite a couple.


Awesome start

Here is a word that once was seldom heard and only seen in relation to natural calamities; earthquakes Tsunamis and the like.

Awesome described the military power of a war mongering nation. Or the destructive outcome of a nuclear bomb. These days everything is awesome.  

Serf or surf. The noun is still stuck in the 16th century. However the verb has migrated from the beach to the computer as an adjunct of the worldwide web.

That brings us directly to the humble “W”. Once just an onomatopoeic twin brother of U and half the brand name of a Nazi bred car, now familiar in triplet form as WWW.  

While more attention-grabbing than KKK, it won’t leave you hanging.                      (no apology for the Dad joke)


Pros everywhere

How about the word professional? Today so commonly abbreviated to “pro”.

The abbreviation can describe ladies of the night providing special services or voice artists offering Professional Voice Over Services. (More Dad or dud humour?)

While you might not be looking to avail yourself of services provided by those plying their trade after dark, you might need a particular style of voice over for a project.

When you need that voice - the one that is going to present your company image to the world - call the Professional Voice Over Services provided by Media Group NZ, the business audio specialists. 

Whether it’s a TV commercial, radio spot, a corporate video or the business Welcome Greeting, After Hours Message or telephone On Hold program you can be sure of finding your voice at Media Group NZ.

You can start listening to voice samples online and get a free online quote. It’s so convenient doing your auditions from your phone or desk.

All the voice samples are categorised by gender, age group, accent and style. It’s just too easy.  You have my word on it.

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